Flute/Thread grinding with EHWA grinding wheels

In drill and milling tool production, flute grinding is the key technology and the cost focus.

EHWA has been developing special resin bonds and ceramic bonds for years, which allow enormous feed rates and therefore create a clear competitive advantage over other competitors.

Especially the open-pore bond structures stand out due to their grinding performance.

VC | EHWA ceramic bond

Case Study | Flute Grinding | Carbide:

  • Machine: ANCA FX7(19 KW)

  • Material : Carbide

  • Workpiece: Φ 12–50mm(LOF), 2 Spiralen (K10)

  • Feed: 120 mm/min

  • Depth of cut: 2.4 mm from solid

Vorteile | EHWA - Precision tools

  • high productivity with minimal tooling costs

  • significantly improved Surface and edge quality
  • Very high Edge stability of the tools

BG | EHWA Resin bond

Case Study | Circular Saws / Hobs / Reaming Tools | HSS and Carbide:

  • long lifetime of the grinding wheels
  • Reduction of grinding time
  • Reach fine surfaces

  • High shape and dimensional stability

EHWA bonds for tool grinding