Edge grinding wheels for glass processing

EHWA offers more than 40 years of experience in the field of edge processing for glass products mainly used in the automotive industry,

With EHWA edge grinding wheels, you can grind backlights, windshields, side windows, sunroofs, HUB displays and back view mirrors highly efficiently and economically.

EHWA Kantenschleifen_Glas

M-Serie | EHWA diamond grinding wheels in metal bond

Universal use:

The EHWA bonds M-series (MB, MC and MG) are particularly characterized by their high grinding performance and the special characteristic for multiple applications.

The main components of this EHWA bond are iron, copper, cobalt, carbide and some other materials.

EHWA grinding wheels:

MG, MC, MG bond hardness is in the medium hard range:

Long tool lifetime with relatively high grinding performance:

Product overview of EHWA grinding wheels:

Workpiece Dimensions EHWA Specification



Side mirror



Side mirror






EG-Series | EHWA diamond grinding wheels in metal bond


Highly efficient for high feed rates:

EG bond was developed to optimize tool lifetime while maintaining high edge quality.

Due to the special bond structure, these grinding tools allow high feed rates while maintaining high edge quality and avoiding shell out on the workpiece.

EHWA grinding wheels:

EHWA grinding wheels:

Workpiece EG7 EG16C EG21M EG21N EG72
Tempered glass   X X X X

Laminated glass

X X X    

Special Feature

High grinding performance

Grinding performance / tool lifetime

Long tool life

Long tool life

Long tool life