Cylinder block / piston rod honing with EHWA honing stones

The cylinder block is a component of the internal combustion engine. The functions of a cylinder block are many: crankshaft bearing, transmission of mechanical forces, fastening connections with the vehicle, and so on. The engine block is usually made of cast iron, although light metals are also used in some engines.

Especially high demands on surface quality are placed on the connecting surface to the top of the cylinder block. This must be perfectly and absolutely leak-proof. EHWA has been supplying metal-bonded honing tools for machining engine blocks with the highest precision requirements for years.

The piston rod is the connecting piece between the crankshaft and the piston. Nowadays, connecting rods are made of alloyed steel grades or sintered metals. For special applications, they are also made of titanium.

EHWA Honsteine Pleuelstange-Honen

MB, MS, MJ | EHWA metal bond | cylinder block machining

Advantages of EHWA diamond honing stones:

  • long tool lifetime = cost savings

  • Savings on recycling, as no sulfur additives are used

Areas of application for EHWA metal bonds:

Application Grain size EHWA bonds
Roughing D251 – D91 MB, MS, MJ Serie
Finishing D76 – D30 MB, MS, MJ Serie
Micro Finishing D25 – D8 MJ, MH Serie

MB, MS, MJ | EHWA metal bond | Connecting rod machining

DoubleS - Special coated diamond grit:

  • very good shape accuracy on the workpiece (roundness)

  • excellent surface finish

  • twice the lifetime compared to conventional diamonds

Common grain sizes for this application:

Grain size EHWA bonds
D151 – D25 MJ, MH, MS Series

Tool Lifetime: