Artificial hip / knee joint grinding with EHWA CBN grinding wheels

Today, it is hard to imagine medical technology without artificial hip and knee joints. In most cases, damaged joints are replaced by so-called endoprostheses, which should enable the mobility of a patient. Causes for the use of endoprostheses can be: wear of the joint cartilage, malformations, fractures, etc.

Künstliche Hüft- und Kniegelenke sind täglich sehr hohen mechanischen und chemischen Belastungen ausgesetzt, deshalb werden diese meistens aus speziellen Titanlegierungen oder Keramiken gefertigt.

EHWA has been supplying world market leaders in this industry with CBN grinding wheels and roller dresser for years. Special shank designs are useful depending on the application and contribute to the efficient grinding operation.


VBM | EHWA ceramic bond

Case Study | External Cylindrical Grinding | Chrome-Cobalt Alloy:

  • Grinding wheel dimension: VB-14F1, 253D-120T-51H, B181 or B252 - pre-grinding

  • Workpiece: Artificial knee joint

  • Workpiece material: Cr + Cobalt

  • Workpiece hardness: HRC 30

  • Grinding machine: Haas Multigrind

  • Wheel speed: Vs = 90 m/s

  • Feed: Vf = 500mm/min

Dressing interval - 35% higher than the competitor:

Advantages of the EHWA CBN grinding wheel:

  • high surface quality
  • Long tool lifetime thanks to EHWA specification
  • Customized solutions for different workpiece materials

  • Cooperation with well-known machine manufacturers