CV-joint grinding with EHWA CBN grinding wheels

A constant velocity joint is a connecting piece between two shafts. It is used to transmit rotational torque between the two shafts, which are positioned at an angle to each other. Constant velocity joints are used, for example, in the automotive industry for powertrain shafts.

EHWA grinding tools are used to grind the windows of the cages and the raceway of the rolling elements. Here, too, EHWA and the customer have the highest demands on surface quality and grinding efficiency.

VBTM | EHWA ceramic bond

Advantages of EHWA CBN grinding wheels:

  • Increase in production capacity due to high stock removal rate of the grinding wheels

  • Excellent surface quality with low heat generation and tight tolerance

  • longer dressing intervals with lower wheel wear

  • Cost reduction and process improvement thanks to high grinding wheel quality

  • due to continuous development EHWA offers special solutions for grinding CV joint parts.

CV joints | window grinding:

CV-Gelenke | Fensterschleifen:

EHWA Specification: B126 M180 VBTM

CV joints | raceway grinding:

CV-Gelenke | Laufbahnschleifen:

EHWA Specification: B181 M160 VBTM