Tool grinding with EHWA grinding wheels

EHWA provides a complete range of grinding tools for machining carbide, ceramic, cermet and PCD/PKBN inserts. We offer highly efficient bonds developed from years of cooperation with the world's leading manufacturers of inserts.

EHWA grinding wheels are now in use worldwide for the following machine manufacturers: Agathon, Wendt, Waida, EWAG, Farman, Corbon, Easy grinder, Ewamatic etc.

These grinding wheels are designed for optimal productivity, considering the improved cycle times as well as dressing intervals. This is shown in a very good grinding performance with consistent quality and a very low chipping of the inserts.

BMX-7 | EHWA Hybrid Bond

Case Study | Cylindrical and Chamfer Grinding | Carbide:

  • Machine: Agathon Penta 400D

  • Workpiece: HM – „Carbide VCGT 220525“

  • Wheel speed: 18m/s

  • Wheel wear: 0.02µm / 1 insert

  • Dressing cycle: 15 Stck.

  • EHWA wheel specification: D40C100 BMX-7 | Hybrid Bond

  • EHWA wheel dimension: RD-11A2, 400D-12W-6X

Grinding wheel:


VHGN, VDGF | EHWA High porosity ceramic bonds

Case Study | Peripheral Grinding | PCBN:

  • Machine: Agathon

  • Workpiece: PCBN-Schneidplatten

  • Wheel speed: 18m/s

  • EHWA wheel dimension: VD-11A2, 400D-39T-15W-6X-355.06H

  • EHWA Specification: D6M120VHGN

EHWA Bond Microstructure:


EHWA bonds for tool grinding