Bearing grinding with EHWA CBN grinding tools

Roller bearings are made up of three main components: the inner ring, the outer ring and the roller element. Bearings have the function to fix shafts or axles and to enable the rotation of shafts.

Roller bearings are nowadays absolutely required in many industries, and they vary greatly in size and design. Bearing components are very often grinded and honed, especially the raceways have to be machined with high precision.

EHWA has been supplying the bearing industry with high quality grinding and honing tools for years, covering all machining processes that are common in this industry. After years of development and testing, EHWA has developed application-specific bonds that meet every requirement.

EHWA CBN-Schleifwerkzeuge für Lagerschleifen

Grinding / honing areas - Roller bearings:

  • 1. Inner ring IR / bore grinding

  • 2. Inner ring IR / raceway grinding

  • 3. Outer ring AR / raceway grinding

  • 4. Outer ring AR / Side grinding

  • 5. Outer ring AR / face grinding

VBME | EHWA grinding wheels in ceramic bond

Case study - bore grinding:

  • Grinding wheel: 30m/s – 80m/s

  • Specification: B76C100VBME

  • Workpiece stock removal: 0.1 mm/D –  1 mm/D

  • Dressing amount Total: 3 µm – 30 µm

  • Dressing ratio "qd 0.4 - 1.6 in clockwise / 0.5 - 1.2 in counterclockwise

  • Dressing amount Total: 3 µm – 30 µm

  • Dresser: Rotary dresser

  • Coolant: Oil or emulsion

Tool lifetime EHWA CBN grinding wheel:

Advantages of EHWA CBN grinding wheels:

  • Very good removal rates

  • Low grinding force

  • Reduction of mechanical and thermal stress

  • Stable and precise grinding performance for highest quality,

  • high surface quality, excellent cylindricity as well as high dimensional accuracy.

AL, SL, HM | EHWA shank and designs

Shank: Ceramics

Shank: Steel / Al

Shank: Grinding wheel + spindle

Shank: Threaded spindle

VHWPN | EHWA honing stones in ceramic bond

Case Study - Raceway Honing:

  • Workpiece speed: 100 – 200 U/min

  • Workpiece: Tapered roller bearing - inner ring

  • stock removal: 5㎛

  • Surface:

  • EHWA specification: B2400K120VHWPN

  • long lifetime and high productivity!

    - 5-10 times longer tool lifetime than conventional honing stones

    - shorter machining times

    - larger removal possible

  • Performance improvement

    - Very high surface quality

    - Constant performance = High quality reduces waste

  • Environmental care

    - EHWA tools do not contain sulfur
    - Reduction of recycling costs