Brake disc machining with EHWA diamond honing tools in metal bond

The brake disc is a component on which the brake pad works and the vehicle thus decelerates by pressing the wheel-side brake disc and the brake pad on each other.

To provide full braking power, the surface finish of the brake disc is essential and at the same time a high safety factor in the vehicle.

EHWA developed the long-life CBN honing stones with the special metal bond (MH and MP series) for efficient honing of brake discs.

MH, MP | EHWA metal bond


Advantages of EHWA CBN grinding wheels:

  • long tool lifetime of the segments and thus cost savings.

  • cycle times reduced by increasing the infeed speeds during honing.

Case study Machining 4WD (FC):

Grain size: D181 to D54

Bond: MH series

Case study - machining of 2WD (SUS):

Grain size: D181 to D54

Bond: MP Series