Crankshaft grinding with EHWA CBN grinding wheels

The crankshaft converts the energy generated from the combustion chamber into a rotary motion. Due to the speed ranges required in the engine and the high torques that have to be achieved in comparably small engines today, these components are exposed to high thermal and mechanical stresses. For this reason, crankshafts have a hard surface and a tough core and are usually made of high-alloy heat-treatable steel or special cast grades.

The high surface hardness represents a high challenge to economical grinding processes. EHWA has made this its goal and developed a special bond for the economical grinding of crankshafts.

CBN Kurbelwellenschleifen_EHWA

VEWN | EHWA ceramic bond

Case study | External cylindrical grinding | Cast alloy :

Process parameters:

  • Workpiece Material:  Casting alloy-FCD

  • Workpiece diameter: 60mm

  • Diameter grinding wheel: 650mm

  • Peripheral speed - grinding wheel: 80m/s

  • Feed - grinding wheel: 0,05mm/s

  • Stock removal grinding wheel: 1,2mm / D

  • Specification-EHWA: B151 L200 VEWN

Increase of grinding wheel life time up to 20%.

Advantages of the EHWA CBN grinding wheel:

  • longer dressing interval = long tool life

  • constant surface quality = high profile stability

  • Reduction of thermal and mechanical stress on the workpiece