Seat / bore grinding with EHWA CBN grinding pins

Injection valves in internal combustion engines deliver fuel into the combustion chamber at a high pressure. Due to the "downsizing" of engines, fuel injectors today must withstand very high pressures and operate with precision.

Common manufacturing processes for injection components is seat grinding and bore grinding. The challenge in these grinding applications is the smallest tool dimensions, which must nevertheless enable high-precision and economical grinding.

EHWA CBN-Schleifstifte für Bohrungsschleifen

VBTM | EHWA ceramic bond

Dimensions for standard grinding pins:

EHWA grinding pin Bore and seat grinding
Cooling hole 0,5 – 1,0 mm
Slot width 0,4 – 1,0 mm
Grinding pin diameter 1,5 – 20 mm
CBN grit sizes 29 – 76 µm

Grinding wheels with slots for coolant supply:

Schleifkörper mit Schlitzen zur Kühlmittelzuführung

Advantages of EHWA CBN grinding wheels:

  • Use of free cutting grits.

  • Expansion of Dressing intervals => Optimum use of the Rim layer.

  • Constant grinding performance thanks to modified and homogeneous bond.

  • high precision wheel contours possible.

  • according to your request with cooling holes and cooling slots..