Metal Bond Cup Dresser - Bearing Grinding

Roller bearings are made up of three main components: the inner ring, the outer ring and the roller element. Bearings have the function to fix shafts or axles and to enable the rotation of shafts.

Roller bearings are nowadays absolutely required in many industries, and they vary greatly in size and design. Bearing components are very often grinded and honed, especially the raceways have to be machined with high precision.

EHWA has been supplying the bearing industry with high quality dressing tools for years. Years of further development of EHWA metal bonds now enable highly efficient dressing of high-hardness ceramic bonds.

MD-6A2 | EHWA cup dresser in metal bond

Advantages of the EHWA cup dresser:

  • Long lifetime due to high dressing cycles (20000 - 30000 - dressings). Data vary and are depend on process variables and tool dimensions.

  • high precision dressing possible: slight deviations during grinding

  • longer dressing intervals possible thanks to high cutting ability of the grinding wheels

EHWA Cup Dresser:

Dressing performance as a function of the tip width and the width of the diamond layer (W):