Roller Dresser - Linear Bearing Grinding

Linear guides are used for the efficient movement of goods of all kinds. Linear guides or rail guides basically consist of a profiled rail, a carriage and the roller element.

High quality requirements are demanded of the profile rail and the slide in terms of profile accuracy and surface quality. The manufacturers usually achieve these high-precision tolerances by grinding or honing.

EHWA has been supplying manufacturers of linear guides with grinding and dressing tools for years. Especially the EHWA diamond roller dressers stand out due to their above-average good quality.

EHWA can design the profiles of the roller dressers on the customers' request, based on workpiece or grinding wheel drawings.

R/D-RR | EHWA diamond roller dresser electroplated negative

Advantages of EHWA tools:

  • Very good removal rates guarantee short processing times.

  • Reduction of the grinding load and thus spindle protecting

  • Reduction of the mechanical and thermal stress on the workpiece

  • Stable and precise grinding performance for highest quality, surface finish, cylindricity as well as high dimensional accuracy.

EHWA Roller Dresser:

EHWA Abrichtrolle_Linearführungssysteme

Removal rate of the dressed grinding wheel: