Diamond roller dresser - CV joints (constant velocity joint)

CV joints also synchronous joints transmit the engine power with constant angular rotation speed of the input shaft to the output shaft side. The main components of a CV joint are usually the inner ring, the cage and the outer ring. The raceway surfaces of the rings are ground with high precision to ensure smooth running and stability of the constant velocity joints later in use,

EHWA has been supplying the automotive industry with particularly high-quality and durable diamond dressing rolls for years.

R/D-RR | EHWA Diamond Roller Dresser Electroplated Negative

Advantages of EHWA Roller Dressers:

  • High profile accuracy of the roller dresser - According to customer specifications

  • Due to well-trained technicians and high-precision machines, tight tolerances can be realized

  • The special diamond coating of the EHWA roller dresser achieves an extremely long lifetime with constant grinding performance of the grinding wheel

Roller dresser - inner ring:

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